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Check the Oracle Backup and Recovery User's Guide for information on how to manage an RMAN recovery catalog schema. If you are using a version of the recovery catalog schema that is older During the patch apply session, Oracle creates a directory under the Oracle Home named.patch_storage. Oracle creates a structure to store the procedures and backup files to undo a patch apply session. A basic rollback session can be started using opatch rollback -id PatchNumber. You may require a rollback session if a patch-apply session fails: I do know my database version I need to check which client is being used. Is there a table where this information is stored. You already have an active moderator alert for this content. in case of oracle 10g, you will fine 10x_64 or 11x_64 directory for 11g. then you will find the file named instantclient...Active Data Guard. The "Oracle Active Data Guard" option, an extra-cost facility, extends Oracle Data Guard functionality in Oracle 11g configurations. It allows read-only access on the Physical standby node at the same time as applying archived transactions from the primary node. For your current session? select host_name from gv$instance where instance_number=userenv('instance'); For all sessions: select i.host_name, s.username from gv$session s join gv$instance i on (i.inst_id=s.inst_id) where username is not null; SQL>alter system kill session '9,171,@1' immediate; System altered. ===== ##### How to kill session in Oracle on Unix and Windows using command line? ##### Kill Oracle process using command line only: In Unix and Linux using kill command: We can check running processes in Unix and Linux using "ps" command. We are able to get process id from ...

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Nov 30, 2013 · Active queries (analysis) sessions that are locked will not be cleared. Note: If you are an Administrator, then you can also login to Analyticis > Administration > Issue SQL and run: call Call SAPurgeAllCache() or pass any documented paramenters; however, this is a manual method and not automated or the intent of the document. Dec 16, 2011 · Oracle DBA United States I'm Working as an Oracle DBA and all the contents in my blog are purely according to my convenience and my environment settings. Viewers may or may not get the same results but these posts are based on my outcomes. please test everything in DEV before doing in PRODUCTION.

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Sep 02, 2009 · Today I'm writing my fourth post in Oracle SOA series and will cover Business Rules functionality. I recommend to check my previous post - Business Events and ADF Business Components in Oracle Fusion 11g, sample application I'm describing today is extended version of application from my previous post. Sep 12, 2017 · Check sessions and processes limits in Oracle ... + 22 in oracle 11g and above...(for previous versions you should set both parameter accordingly) ... In Oracle 10.2 ... Nov 03, 2014 · Oracle DBA ,RAC 11g Monday, 3 November 2014 ... Following executables are active: ... check which process is locking this library file using below command and kill it

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TTITLE 'Currently Active DataPump Sessions' COL owner_name FORMAT A06 HEADING 'Owner' COL Oracle Database 11g Release 2 introduces the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. Oracle Database Globalization Support Guide for information about how to upgrade the Time Zone file and...